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Professional loft builders in London who are specialists in designing & building amazing loft conversions in England. 

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At VCCR Build Construction, our team can oversee every step of the loft conversion process, from planning and approval, right through to construction. Alternatively, we are more than happy to cater to your specific needs, for example if you have your own architect and/or structural engineer that you would prefer to use, then we are happy to work alongside them, it’s your call.

Loft conversions are divided into four different classifications, roof light, dormer, hip to gable and mansard. Roof light conversions. Roof light conversions are not disruptive and you will not have to make any changes to the shape or the pitch of the roof. Dormer conversions are popular with most types of houses, suitable for any house with a sloping roof. Hib to gable conversions work by extending the sloping 'hip' roof at the side of your property outwards to create a vertical 'gable' wall, creating more internal loft space & finally Mansard conversions are the most costly but result in you having a significant amount of bigger space. 

Every single Loft conversion in London we complete is tailor-made to customer’s specific needs, so all your requirements will be discussed in detail when you meet with one of our surveyors. We don’t cut corners and follow the right processes for Loft conversions & roofing. 

Loft Conversion Process: 

  1. Before we begin any loft conversion project, we go step-by-step to determine how much space is required and prepare different designs for reviews once we have taken measurements. 

  2. All of our designs are prepared by experienced architects and qualified surveyors and include head height measurements too. The roof is also tested for suitability at this stage too.

  3. The loft is then cleaned and prepped once we get the go ahead from Building Control. 

  4. Rewiring is assessed. This is the perfect opportunity to replace and make improvements to the existing wiring. 

  5. New timber floor joists are fitted, the sizes of the floor joists would depend on the spans. 

  6. The spaces in between the joists are then filled with insulation. These will need to be inspected by building control, after which the joists are covered with floorboards. 

For every loft conversion projects, every client will have direct contract with one of senior managers throughout. We do not outsource any of our work, allowing us to effectively manage the whole process, giving us full control over your project and ensuring that we are delivering an outstanding high quality loft conversion. 

Roofing is also an important part of loft conversions too, the quality of your existing roof may have a lot to do with when your house was built, which also determines if you have roof trusses or rafters. A loft conversion with trusses, will require additional structural support to replace the trusses, with it likely to be more costly. 

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