Kitchens & Bathrooms

Following industry best practice principles in our design & construction approach, enables us to provide a kitchen & bathroom remodelling service that delivers superior results.

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Kitchen Remodelling Process

  1. The remodelling process begins by assessing your current kitchen, requirements and scope of the projects. Followed by creating bespoke CAD drawings & 3D plans so customers are able to choose what they want within the space they are working with. 

  2. Brainstorming follows, it’s time to explore ideas & choose how your kitchen will look &  the type of appliances you can add to your kitchen. 

  3. Once you have made your choices our demolition team will tear out your kitchen, ready for the rough-in work to begin. This includes plumbing, framing & finishing the walls, the complexity of which would depend on the scale of the project at hand. This is an important stage in the process allowing us to get rid of what’s outdated & worn out. 

  4. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent customer experience, so at this stage we conduct an inspection on the work that has been completed to ensure that everything was built properly. Clear communication throughout the project will help to ensure that our customers get the kitchen they wanted as per the design specifications. 

  5. Once satisfied, our window installation specialists begin to install the windows, doors, cabinets & plumbing fixtures that you have chosen. Our team is more than happy to help you to source every single kitchen appliance, we purchase directly from leading manufacturers & suppliers kitchen supplies. 

  6. To finish the project off we fit all of the appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators, water filtration systems & more. You will be able to see your dream kitchen coming to shape at this stage. 

  7. Flooring installation comes next, all the colours and design style will now be coming in fruition. After this it is time to enjoy your kitchen

Bathrooms Installations 

Over the years we have followed a set process for all Bathroom Installations, ensuring we are able to finish the job quicker, cheaper & to a higher finished standard. Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in your home, and can be both beautiful and functional at the same time. 

Bathroom Installation Process


Determining the amount of space we have is fundamental before we begin the planning process. It’s crucial to determine what your requirements are. Being practical is important, so doing this at this stage saves our customers time & money moving forwards. There’s a lot to consider, radiators, storage, bath, shower, sink, toilet & much more. 


  1. The water is then turned off, followed by us draining the central heating system, removing all waste pipes & disconnecting all of the electrical connections. 

  2. The walls are prepared with water proof tanking, levelled, plastered & drylined after which we professionally fitt tiles. We also apply plaster to the ceiling as well which is crucial. 

  3. Then we install the sink, bath & toilets and check for any leaks to ensure that the installation has been completed correctly. 

  4. Following this, the floor is tiled followed by us applying adhesive that waterproofs the floor after which we install bath, bath taps and new shower, shower screen, basin and taps. 

  5. The next stage involves new wiring, to relocate the extractor fans position. Additionally, new shaver points, new spotlights, electric under floor heating & any other bespoke electrical requirements are inaugurated. 

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