Basement Conversions

Looking for an experienced team to help build a new basement in London? We don’t blame you, our team has experience here and agree that building a new basement can provide valuable additional living space, entertainment space or more practical space in general, without drastically having to expand your exterior.

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With vast experience across the complete process of basement construction, VCCR Build Construction provides a fully personalised service that incorporates Basement planning, design and construction. 

There are two different types of Basement conversion: 

  1. People can either turn an existing cellar into an additional living space within their home

  2. A basement can be excavated (involving much more structural work)

Before you begin such a project, it’s important to consider the purpose & seek planning permission. Once granted, VCCR Build Construction work within the latest UK Building Regulations and are the experts in engineering and skilled workmanship to ensure that your project is completed to a high standard. 

Basement Conversion Process

Some of the key stages of basement construction are listed below:


  1. Excavation

  2. Waterproofing & Groundwater Control

  3. Underpinning

  4. Temporary works 

  5. Basement Construction 

  6. Waterproofing 

Excavation work begins, followed by waterproofing. To prevent moisture from getting in, the structure of the basement is then waterproofed, this is a process called Tanking in conjunction with a sump pump drainage system to prevent flooding, assisting Groundwater control. Our team of specialist basement converters have comprehensive knowledge in structural works and specialist expertise in areas such as underpinning groundworks and structural works, all of which are fundamental to a good, solid basement conversion. 


Once the basement has been tanked, this means that the majority of the construction work has been completed. This is the beginning of the underpinning & fitout process, flooring, insulation, heating, electrics, plumbing & decorating. This is the finishing part of the process. 


Contact us for friendly and professional advice or to arrange a no-obligation consultation. VCCR Build Construction have developed long-term partnerships with superior suppliers, to deliver the ultimate level of quality and service to each and every Basement project.