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VCCR provides building and construction services across London. When it comes to residential construction & commercial construction projects in central London or across the UK our architects, engineers & builders can help with new build projects & domestic repairs as well. 

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Project 1: Full Flat Refurbishment 

The first stage of this refurbishment project was a demolition, where we safely & efficiently tore down the previous building structure to clear out the space for us to build 4 flats in Hertfordshire. Our team then installed partition walls and we also dry lined the ceiling as well. Our experienced team of plumbers then installed a drainage system, whilst our electricians safely installed all the wiring & completed the electrical work. In this project we fully gutted the building so all of the electrical and plumbing work was implemented from scratch. 


At this stage we inspected the build to ensure we were satisfied with all the work built by our plumbing and electrical teams. Once satisfied, we installed steel beams, screeding, applied plasterboard, skimming, door lining skirting, archidrive, installed doors, completed ironmongery, installed an internet mast, set up a fireplace, installed a new kitchen, tiled the bathrooms, fitted carpets & wooden flooring & provided painting and decorating services too. 


This project involved a full refurbishment of a set of 4 flats in Hertfordshire. 

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VCCR Build Flat Refurbishment North Lond
VCCR Build Flat Refurbishment London Res

Project 2: Full House Refurbishment

Full house refurbishment, extension, loft conversion & landscaping in North West London (residential). This renovation included cosmetic renovations, so painting and decorating, upgrading major repair work, a conversion and also an extension & modernisations to the house as well. 


North West London

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house refurbishment in london fast house

Project 3: Garage Conversion 

This Garage conversion involved painting, full new wiring / lighting, new plumbing, a new drainage system, new tiling, creating additional rooms such as and office and also a bathroom as well. 


VCCR Build are Garage conversion specialists in London, please get in touch if you would like a quote.

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Project 4: Nightclub Refurbishment in London

Full nightclub refurbishments in London. This was an incredibly enjoyable project, we had to set up a brand new drainage system, create partition walls, perform drylining and then built a new ceiling as well. All of the plumbing was gutted, after which we installed and added plasterboard and made the building fire sound proof and waterproof as well. 


This project also involved creating a bar, all drops for the bar, skimming, painting, skirting, door lining, archidrive, doors & ironmongery too! Strobe lights (flashing lights), preparing the DJ area, furnishing, & installing wall panel boards. 

To complete the project, at the end we installed a Bathroom, created offices, provided storage and created a new entrance too.


This project involved a full refurbishment of a Night Club in London.

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